403(b) Plan Documents Services—Are You Ready for the New Guidelines?

Every institution offering a 403(b) retirement plan to its employees has a plan document filed with the IRS that specifies the features of the plan. In 2017 the IRS ruled that all 403(b) plans must be restated by March 31, 2020, to meet new guidelines. As a result of this ruling, thousands of 403(b) retirement plan documents will have to be reviewed and restated. This is a tremendous amount of work for plan document providers who offer guidance to their clients, the plan sponsors at the institutions. This has resulted in a shortage of 403(b) Plan Documents experts.

SynergisticIT can help you as a plan provider to meet the plan restatement deadline by providing you the resources you need to complete your client’s plan restatements. We have 20 years of experience in the retirement/pension space and have served some of the largest pension/retirement providers in the United States. To ensure your plan restatements are done on time, we can provide you with resources with experience in:

  • 403(b) Plan and Summary Plan document review and drafting
  • Volume Submitter 403(b) plans
  • Pre-approved Plans
  • Relius Documents, ASC (McKay Hochman), Document Generation and Management (DGEM), DATAIR DC Plan Administration software
  • IRS/DOL rules regulations for 401(a), 403(b), 401(k), 457(b), 457(f) and nonqualified plans.
  • ERISA Compliance Reporting
  • ASPPA Credentialed resources with QPA, QKA, CPC certifications and CRSPs.

We are experts in the pension/retirement plans and systems. We will combine this expertise with our proprietary search and screening process to find you the quality resources you need to complete your plan documents restatements on time and on budget.

SynergisticIT recently competed with eight other companies and won an RFP from one of the top three 403(b) plan providers in the U.S. to provide a team of four 403(b) Plan Document experts. The team is helping centralize the preparation of plan documents, providing guidance to plan sponsors and helping expand the consultative services offered by the provider.

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If you are a Plan Provider and you need assistance to meet the 403(b) Plan Documents restatement deadline, call us today at 732-379-4140 (or email us at info@synergistic-it.com) and ask to speak to one of the managing partners.  We would be happy to help you.