Making Sense of Massive Amounts of Data

Data Science is a field that has topped the emerging jobs list for the last few years and all expectations is that it will continue to grow across all industries.  Data Scientists are also some of the most difficult resources to find, recruit and screen.

Consulting companies often do not understand that Data Engineers, Data Architects and Data Analysts are not Data Scientists.  The role of Data Scientists is to extract knowledge and insights from huge amounts of data.  Data Scientists use a different set of tools than these other roles and they draw on a number of fields such as statistics, data analysis, data modeling, machine learning and computer science to predict future trends also known Predictive Analytics.

Recruiting for these roles requires a more specialized company and Clients are increasingly calling on SynergisticIT to provide Data Scientist consultants and full-time employees.

If you need a Data Scientist for a contract or full time role, call us today at 732-379-4140 (or email us at and ask to speak to one of the managing partners.  We would be happy to help you.