AI-Powered IT Talent Recruiting

ProcessPageAt SynergisticIT we practice what we preach.  We not only assist companies in finding top technology talent, we use advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology every day to help us find quality candidates quickly and efficiently.

Our AI based talent search capability combined with our in-house IT knowledge and experience is a powerful combination allowing us to find candidates that are hidden from other staffing companies.

Getting to the Short List – Faster 

Most recruiters spend close to 50% of their time sourcing (finding) potential candidates and building the “short-list”.  By using AI-powered technology we eliminate hours or even days of research and review of hundreds of resumes from numerous job portals, internal databases and social media sites thus getting to the “short-list” faster than our competition.

Once the “short-list” is developed we can perform our rigorous screening process confident that one or more top potential candidates were already culled from a universe of choices.

Rigorous Screening

All short-listed candidates are screened by members of SynergisticIT’s technical recruiting team and senior management team, not by HR generalists. Our senior managers are IT professionals who understand the kind of IT talent you are seeking. Besides evaluating technical and business qualifications, we also evaluate culture fit, perform background checks and reference checks.

The Human Touch

Top IT candidates love working for us. Why?  We are techies at heart just like them and so we speak their language.  We endeavor to make our interview, the client interview and the onboarding processes as easy and as convenient as possible.

SynergisticIT enjoys a high rate of retention among our IT consultants, many of whom have been with us for more than 10 years. Recognizing that our consultants are the foundation of our company, we treat these professionals with respect, compensate them fairly and provide opportunities for their professional growth.