A large global commercial insurance company was embarking on a multi-year plan to create an IoT Sensor and Big Data and cloud infrastructure. The goal is to empower the business with real-time, actionable IoT intelligence to improve decisions and outcomes (claim avoidance and lower premiums).


The Client was having difficulties finding qualified resources with Big Data and IoT skills for a Proof of Concept (POC).  The Client’s set of global staff augmentation suppliers were not finding qualified resources.  Some of their candidates looked good on paper but when interviewed by the Client, did not have the skills or required experience.  The Client realized they needed the help of a more specialized, technical niche consulting company that understands the insurance industry.


The Client turned to SynergisticIT to provide qualified contract consulting Big Data and IoT resources. SynergisticIT was able to find qualified candidates by:

  • Analyzing each job requirement and developing a custom search strategy for each job.
  • Reworking the job requirements so candidates did not have to be an expert in all aspects of Big Data. By streamlining the job requirements, each position was opened up to a better and more specialized pool of candidates.
  • Having our expert technical recruiters trained on the specific skills the Client was seeking so that they can perform more effective screenings.

SynergisticIT was able to quickly fill the need for Big Data Architects, IoT Sensor/PLC Programmers and ETL/ELT Data Architects.


The Proof of Concept was completed on time and the technologies and platforms to be used going forward were established. This resulted in the development of an IoT Big Data vision, IoT Reference Architecture and an IoT Big Data roadmap. The Client is now well into their journey of creating IoT-enabled commercial insurance products.

Our Client gave SynergisticIT high marks for the resources provided. In fact, one of our Big Data architects was hired directly by the Client as their full-time employee.

If you need qualified Big Data or IoT resources, call us today at 732-379-4140 (or email us at and ask to speak to one of the Managing Partners.  We would be happy to help you.