WhySynergisticPageThere are many companies in the crowded IT consulting and staffing space. SynergisticIT continues to stand above the crowd by providing top-tier IT and business professionals at rates and terms that are attractive to our clients.

Our leaner business model allows us to charge rates that are much lower than our competitors while still paying our consultants above average compensation.

Our deep IT and Financial Services experience combined with our proprietary recruiting process ensures only the cream of the crop are presented to our clients.

Unlike other consulting and staffing companies, we will not stand in our client’s way if they decide to hire one of our consultants as their full time employee.

SynergisticIT distinguishes itself from other firms through our:

Proprietary talent search and evaluation process

Using our highly effective, proprietary search process, our recruiters quickly and efficiently find top performers to meet your specific needs and preferences. All candidates are pre-screened—not by HR generalists but by technical professionals and members of the senior management team who know your business and understand your requirements.

Financial Services and Insurance expertise

We specialize in providing IT and business operations resources for financial services organizations, insurance companies and government agencies. Unlike many other firms that serve many sectors, we focus on Financial Services and Insurance.  We are laser-focused on Fintech and Insurtech and how it is dramatically changing the financial services and insurance industries.  Our recent experience in IoT, cloud and Big Data positions us to assist those companies ready to make dramatic changes in the way they operate.

In-depth knowledge of legacy and leading-edge technologies

Whether your company is at the cutting edge of IT advancements, enhancing legacy systems that still serve you well, or transitioning from legacy to more modern digital solutions, we have the IT expertise you need to help your company move forward.

World-class IT talent at lower cost

Our lean business model allows us to attract top talent because we can provide a better compensation package than our large, global competitors but the client pays less.  That is because SynergisticIT does not have the wasteful overhead, multi-million-dollar advertising budgets, or frustrating bureaucracy of many of these large, global consulting organizations.

Technical expertise combined with business insights

In addition to unsurpassed technical expertise, our IT professionals have keen business insights into the Financial Services and Insurance Industries.  Our professionals strive to understand how technology can help meet business objectives thus keeping projects on-track and ensuring real value is delivered to the business.

Contact us to learn more about how SynergisticIT’s top IT talent can help your company achieve its project goals.