Carlos Pinzon, Managing Partner

Carlos PinzonWith more than 30 years of IT and Financial Services Industry experience, Carlos has successfully led development and infrastructure projects for mutual fund companies, life insurers, brokerages, banks, asset management firms and pension managers. His extensive IT experience includes 10 years as a systems software development consultant. Carlos, a member of the Project Management Institute of New York City (PMINYC), leads, mentors and oversees SynergisticIT’s professionals to ensure the firm is the No. 1 choice for high-end talent in the Financial Services and Insurance industries.



Antonio (Tony) Proto, Managing Partner

Tony ProtoTony has more than 25 years of IT experience, almost all in the Financial Services Industry. He is an expert in project development methodology, skills he honed during a long tenure as a systems software development consultant. With in-depth insights into the brokerage, equity, options and mutual funds trading domains and other financial services areas, Tony understands SynergisticIT clients’ specific needs and takes pride in providing IT resources that perfectly align with client requirements.


The Managing Partners extensive financial services and technical experience gives them a unique advantage when speaking with clients and candidates.  Their knowledge of the business and technology allows them to quickly understand their clients most complex needs.  They use this insight to find and screen candidates to ensure they are the ideal fit for their client requirements.